the Mountain Goats Tabs

In roughly reverse chronological order with unreleased songs and side projects at the end.

Transcendental Youth

All Eternals Deck

The Life of the World to Come

Moon Colony Bloodbath EP

Black Pear Tree EP

Satanic Messiah EP

Heretic Pride

Get Lonely

Babylon Springs


Come, Come to the Sunset Tree

The Sunset Tree

Palmcorder Yajna

We Shall All Be Healed

Letter From Belgium

See America Right


Jam Eater Blues

All Hail West Texas


Bitter Melon Farm

Protein Source of the Future...NOW!

Devil In The Shortwave

Isopanisad Radio Hour

New Asian Cinema

On Juhu Beach

The Coroner's Gambit

Full Force Galesburg

Jack & Faye

Tropical Depression

Nothing for Juice

Nine Black Poppies

Hail And Farewell, Gothenberg


The Long Secret

Songs for Peter Hughes

Orange Raja, Blood Royal

Yam, the King of Crops

Taking The Dative


Zopilote Machine

Beautiful Rat Sunset

Hot Garden Stomp

Chile De Arbol

The Hound Chronicles

Transmissions to Horace

Songs for Petronius

Taboo VI: The Homecoming

Bedroom Recordings 1.2

Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox:

Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!

Unreleased/Extra Songs

Undercard - The Extra Lens

Martial Arts Weekend - The Extra Glenns

High Fly Graveyard - The Extra Glenns

Infidelity 7" - The Extra Glenns

Sidereal Rest - The Extra Glenns

Fantasy Band - The Extra Glenns

Twitter Release (reward bonus)

Tab Requests

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