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NOTE: many of the links here are busted. i'm in the process of fixing them.


added sarah's information on song for cleomenes, and a link to her page: song for going to alpha


added mp3's and lyrics for jack & faye


added some shows for Q1 2001


added a page for The Coroner's Gambit


i added a link to the florida shows, and also added a link to the popfest summary page


hi folks. comments should be back up and running....


well, thanks to erin mcwilliams, i got copies of the chicago and madison shows from a month or so ago. there were 5 new songs on those shows. i've transcribed 2 of them: i've got the sex, and shower.


hi guys. the page has been updated finally. lots o' new things to catch your eye. mainly new things i've acquired. so here they are: back to the egg, asshole, hardcore acoustic, abridged perversion, fantasy band, the farm out back (the Congress),dog so large i cannot see past it, and we'll sail out far...maybe a little too far.... hopefully that will keep everyone's attention, until i get some new interactive (ie: comments) stuff back up and running...


john sent me some corrections to taboo vi: the homecoming as well as some comments on the tape. there are also lyrics to 3 songs you've never heard before (hell, even i haven't heard calcutta). they have names: baboon, calcutta, cutter


there are new (read: more correct) tour dates up


i made a page for the seneca twins. if you guys can find this tape. buy it. it rocks. i have no clue what kind of distribution this got, but try and get it.


i finally setup a page for shows i've been to. please write if you have been to a show, and know the setlist.


ok we now have lyrics to fantasy band and goar #11.


wow. tons of new stuff. there's a summer tour with simon joyner. there's a setlist from the duke show. also, thanks to dylan evans, we have lyrics for ontario. also, the lyrics to the hot garden stomp are up.


hehe. today's the day. ok. i wrote a script to allow people to subscribe to the inland mailing list.jonathan maier has done it again. i now have lyrics for the hound chronicles. thanks jonathan. tonight is gonna be pure fire. i just know it.


yup, tommorow i get to see the mountain goats. gonne ba quite amazing i'm sure. but you don't care about that. you want to see what's new. well, thanks to jonathan maier, i have lyrics for taking the dative and taboo vi: the homecoming


hi. nothing new on the page. but word's in from john that the new album, full force galesburg is done, and will be available june 10th. he says it's his best work yet. i think some people may spontaneously combust upon listening to it.


ok, i got the address for cassiel records fixed, also put in lyrics for the anglo-saxons. and i scanned in the cover photo for nothing for juice. why didn't someone write me and tell me it wasn't there? i completely had not realized it. i also fixed the comments script. ok. i'm out.


ok. i finally scanned in extra walt! and in release city. i also went ahead and did the lyrics for the two songs on theose comps, gravedigger and black molly, respectively.


jonathan maier just sent the entire kjhk interview, which includes the lyrics for tulsa imperative. here is a new picture. it's my friend amanda with john.


a huge thanks goes out to jonathan maier for getting me the lyrics to weekend in western illinois, which is from full force galesburg which comes out june 10.


well, a show at the duke coffeehouse has been officially scheduled. and i also transcribed a song called ghosts from a show in london from january 1996. also, here is a letter from john concerning future stuff. and i just got word about this interview in puncture #31 (fall '94)


hmmm. i got the extra walt! 7" as well as in release city. there were lots of corrections. check out the thanks page if you sent something and make sure i didn't overlook you. there are lots of chords now. i know a bunch more (not all are right), but i'll be adding more in the coming weeks. there's a new letter from peter hughes concerning sweden and the inland empire, as well as some reviews from some of the european shows. enjoy.


well, i obtained the lyrics to a few songs you probably don't have in your collection... trust me. waving at you is a truly amazing song.


well i now have dates for the summer tour...


there was a show last night at spaceland in los angeles. mr. darnielle wass there, playing with mr. bruno as the extra glenns. john played 4 new mountain goats songs solo. they have names. here they are:
  • minnesota
  • hello old rabbit
  • masher
  • evening in stalingrad the rest quoted from brian mcdonald on the inland list... > Fra.. ur, Glenn joined > Jo..ur, Glenn and things got goin'. John promptly asserted that something > terrible was going to happen if anyone yelled out "Badger Song"... he > didn't mention to WHOM this curse would fall upon, but the audience > courteously didn't chance it. Franklin stayed mostly electric and quiet > playing single lines over John's frenetically "strummy" style..(well, I > guess that's what the Extra Glenns do after all). They too did a > Springsteen cover... and STILL no Robert Hilburn in sight. hmmmmm> "Badger Song" was not performed... so live with it.


    well, it's been far too long, so here's the new stuff...
  • a new comments page
  • sweden lyrics please mail me other bi-fi band pages... (i know some of you have, but if you could, please send them again, as my accounts have been a bit screwy lately and i have lost some info. thanks.


    i understand that the mountain goats will have a song on a compilation called K7 (i think) on slowball records. other artists should include: nothing painted blue, push kings, will simmons, wio, napkinv vs. soda, bingo trappers, brown towers, phlegm, in a spring, and some others...maybe even something from me so make sure and buy it whenever it comes out because it's being put out by jonas sevenius and he's a great guy!!


    well, let's see, i have a new essay by john from jaboni youth #4, i have also gotten an interview with him from for paper airplane pilots #5. thanks goes out to andrew lison for transcribing both of these... i finally got my own personal copy of yam, the king of crops from oska (thanks jod). and i also got the cactus gum 7" compilation cyanide guilt trip which has a remarkable cover if i may say so myself... jordan ellenberg has sent me the chords to a few zopilote songs, but i haven't gotten around to putting them in will be soon though...that's it for now...stay tuned. i'm learning java and plan to have a comment / voting kind of thing up here within a month or two....


    there's a new picture of john off the main page from a swedish zine (it has some reviews of music by john in it. one day i'll transcribe it.) also, thanks to gregor kessler, i now own howl! and goar #11. i got the basement tapes from kspc in claremont, and thanks to bill foreman, i have copies of songs for petronius and taboo vi: thehomecoming. then russell at theme park was kind enough to dub corkscrewed for me (i'll get 5 bucks out a.s.a.p) so all the above pages are now finished, except for lyrics (hint, hint). and i think that's it for now....


    thanks to kevin ricker there are some chords in the nine black poppies lyrics, namely chanson du bon chose and stars fell on alabama.


  • thanks to jonas sevenius i have some info on the corkscrewed compilation, as well as a swedish fanzine [i'll scan it today or tommorow and get the picture up here...]

    older news

    the cool beans! #4 interview is now typed in....

    new additions in the lyrics section!!!

    lyrics for:
  • NEW NEW NEW...zopilote machine lyrics and yam lyrics...thanks to leslie kleinberg for both of these!!

  • songs for peter hughes
  • orange raja
  • pawnshop reverb
  • chile de arbol
  • you and what army?
  • why you all so thief?
  • songs about fire
  • fast forward #2
  • high fly graveyard
  • infidelity
  • phylira
  • i present this
  • our salvation is in hand
  • the long secret
  • i like walt!
  • the wedding record
  • thoe pre-phyloxera years

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