jack & faye

title: jack & faye

company: unreleased

a note on jack & faye from john:

Jack and Faye was to have been a 7" containing the final recordings by the
Mountain Goats of the Sweden/Nine Black Poppies/Nothing for Juice era.  There
were multiple delays. At one point there was finished artwork. Then there
were more delays. Eventually history staked its claim on these recordings
and it was almost as though they never even existed at all. Well: here they
are, finally, in the mp3 format. Just grab them and they are yours, free of
charge. If enough people show interest in obtaining some sort of cover art
and liner notes for the Jack and Faye single, this site will eventually
provide a "cover" which you'll be able download and print out, either for
cassette or CD-R. Express your interest in this possibility by writing to

The songs themselves were recorded in December of 1995 and January of 1996
in Chicago, Illinois and San Dimas, California. John and Rachel considered
them some of their best work and were especially fond of "Raid on Entebbe."
Time has given them a somewhat melancholy air. We hope you enjoy them.

side 1:

  • raid on entebbe [mp3]
  • adair [mp3]
  • side 2:

  • an inscription at salonae [mp3]
  • there will always be an ireland [mp3]

    please mail any questions/comments/complaints, or just notes hello to:nall@themountaingoats.net